Careers to consider if you suffer from back pain.

Back Pain: Careers To Consider

Back Pain: Careers To Consider

Since any job can unexpectedly present a problem for the back or neck, we should be aware of how our back or neck feels while working. For the health and posture of the spine, avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time or taking on weight bearing projects or tasks that put constant strain on the spine. Take breaks often to stretch and relieve your back or neck from a strained or unrealised position. If you feel excessive neck pain or back pain, examine what is making it hurt more and try to stop repeating that particular position or activity. Visit with a doctor for the best recommendations for the symptoms you are experiencing.

Back pain can have a huge influence over our everyday decisions. Given the choice, recreational and social activities are usually the first things we consider postponing if back pain becomes unbearable. Changes due to back pain impact our personal, leisure and professional lives as well. What do we do when back pain affects our professional lives – our ability to do what we have to do while at work?

Studies have shown that back pain is currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence in the UK. People with chronic back pain struggle with their circumstances while at work, struggle staying employed and grapple with finding employment that fits with their condition – many simply leave the workforce altogether.

Some of the worst jobs that can cause back pain are those that require:

  1. Standing long hours on your feet

  2. Repetitive motions

  3. Spending time in awkward positions

  4. Long hours and high stress levels

Finding a job where you can still apply your skills and experience without these working conditions will make you feel a lot better professionally and personally. We have found a few jobs that could better suit your needs either as an interim solution or a change for the long-term.

How about trying your hand at Digital?

Digital Work Opportunities

Digital Work Opportunities

As more companies transition their Marketing to digital platforms and more consumers embrace digital technologies, there are literally hundreds of opportunities available within the digital space appeasing to back pain. For example, selling a product or service online has never been easier to setup or more accessible to all, and a lot more affordable, it’s worth giving a go. Other digital opportunities include working as a content creator, specialising in content management such as WordPress, becoming a copywriter or manage a company’s social media. Become a data analyst or learn to trade online, create websites for businesses, create digital graphics, create and produce videos, get paid for blogging, create your brand etc. These are some opportunities you can consider if you have back pain and have an interest in the digital space. What’s great is that these jobs can mostly be done from home – offering a healthier work-life balance.

Have you considered being Self-Employed?

This is a great career change for someone suffering from back pain. You are completely responsible for your own environment, meaning you have the choice of setting it up to your comfort and standards. Working when you feel well enough, pain will not plague your daily duties. Not only do you set your own hours, you take breaks when you need to.

How about getting an Office-Based job?

Various types of office jobs allow you to be sedentary while working. Positions like administrative assistants, accountants and managers are examples of positions where you can spend considerable time sitting at a desk. With ergonomic furniture and taking plenty of stretching breaks you keep your muscles relaxed and your spine in a healthier state. If your back pain is severe and intolerable, you may be able to submit a request for flexible working hours, telecommuting options or a special office chair with extra lumbar support.

Other Back-Friendly careers you may have not thought of:

Data entry, Helpdesk support, Software developer, Market research analyst, Lecturer or private tutor, Administrative assistant, Project manager, Florist, Professional organiser, Life coach, Personal secretary, Teacher’s assistant, Botanist, Wedding Planner, Office manager, Home design consultant, Job recruiter, Health and safety inspector.

Ensure with any job that you do not have to travel long distances to get there. These journeys can cause great discomfort for back pain sufferers before the working day has begun.

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