Vertebene 30 Day Vitality Programme

Exercise is an integral part in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from a variety of Musculoskeletal conditions. Exercise not only reduces pain perception, but also has effects on mental health, such as mood elevation and reduction of stress and depression which are often associated with chronic pain conditions. Exercise is also a robust tool in the management of those conditions as exercise induces pain relief by the activation of central inhibitory paths.
There is no evidence available to show that one type of exercise (Yoga, Stretching, Hydrotherapy Exercises, Tai Chi, McKenzie Exercise, Pilates…) is superior to another. Clinical practice guidelines suggest that a diversity of types of exercises should be used, and in deciding on the type of exercise to be used, individual preferences, needs and capabilities should be considered. The overall premise is that for exercise to be effective, it should be done regularly. “The best way to deal with back pain is to stay active and continue doing regular exercise.” NHS UK
We have selected six (6) gentle lower back exercises centering on Controlled Movement, Breathing and Stretching, as part of a 30 day vitality programme. These 6 gentle exercises for the lower back can strengthen the spine, stomach and leg muscles helping to support your spine and relieve back pain. 
When trying to repair or regenerate the spinal discs, both nutritional and biomechanical factors need to be corrected. Optimise the effect of these 6 selected exercises with the vertebene® disc capsules, a nutrition rich supplement developed by Orthopedic Doctors and Pharmacists for optimum disc health and disc function.
By taking 2 capsules of vertebene disc capsules per day, you supply your spine with high-quality natural ingredients designed to give your spinal discs the nutrients they need to function optimally and stay healthy.  
Take a few minutes daily over the next 30 days to do these 6 exercises, along with your 2 capsules per day course of vertebene disc capsules and feel the difference. Order your pack of vertebene disc capsules today and start your vertebene 30 day vitality programme.

vertebene 30 day vitality programme